AutoHotKey Test Naming Mode (BDD Style)

Used in conjunction with AutoHotKey, this script will help you to write “BDD-Style” class and test names, replacing spaces with underscores, and supplying the test/fixture attributes as appropriate.
Ctrl-Shift-F will generate a skeletion [TestFixture] (type the class name, then ‘{‘ to exit the mode)
Ctrl-Shift-T will generate a skeleton [Test] (type the test name, then ‘(‘ to exit the mode
Ctrl-Shift-U will toggle underline-instead-of-space mode on/off if you happen to get stuck
Ctrl-Shift-A will insert Arrange/Act/Assert comments

Note: If you have trouble running AHK with VS2013 because you run it in Admin mode, try Running AHK as admin at startup.

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